CONNECT IT – Connecting with technology. Simply. Anywhere.

  • We are a manufacturer of accessories for computers, tablets, smartphones and other modern devices.
  • We aim to connect technology with the user in any everyday situation.
  • We are determined to offer quality, functionality and comfort of our products to as broad variety of customers as possible.
  • CONNECT IT products stand for simpler life with technology. Want to know more ?

Origin and present.

The brand CONNECT IT was born in 2010 in the heart of Europe as a reaction to increasing demand for affordable, yet high quality accessories for day-to-day work and entertainment use of technology.

We live in a world where “connecting” plays a major role in basically every situation. For CONNECT IT, the mission is to connect people with technology, make their life easier and offer their customers quality technical background, local support and diverse product offering.

During a very short period of time, it became one of the leading companies on the market and now is a synonym for modern design, quality and second to none price to performance ratio.

These days, CONNECT IT is one of the fastest-growing companies. Design and testing centre produces every year tens of products with emphasis on esthetic impression, high utility value and long service life for very compelling price.

Success and development of product portfolio

Among the first CONNECT IT products that made it to their users were affordable keyboards with backlight. Their offering was completely nonexistent and so was the offering of keyboards with increased readability and contrasting colors for kids and seniors. CONNECT IT still holds the primacy in these areas in Czech Republic and Slovakia to this date.

Quick expansion on the market and the popularity of CONNECT IT products with the customers allowed for development of the company and great expansion of its portfolio, which later caused, among other things, the creation of now cult product lines of gaming accessory Battle or Biohazard. The offering was later expanded by TV, display and projector mounts for home and professional use.

CONNECT IT today is conspicuous and stable manufacturer in the field of gaming accessories for enthusiasts of all ages. It offers optimal solution when choosing a gaming arsenal that will support you on your way to victory. Thousands of players every day and every battle rely on keyboards, mouses, headsets, game pads and other accessories with the logo CONNECT IT.

The domain for CONNECT IT were always products for the office, home or the road, so it is no surprise that the keyboards, mouses, headphones, speakers, USB hubs, chargers, cables, card readers or holders can be found on thousands of tables in offices, workrooms, living and children’s rooms, hospitals, hotels, service stations and factories, but also in cars.

Each product line is specific and so the broad offering covers products from the simplest, with an emphasis on ease of use and maintenance, through resistant, but also waterproof and even design and multimedia.

People at CONNECT IT realize that the use of modern technology brings not just fun and benefits. It is also associated with risks, which can be fortunately easily and effectively prevented. It was therefore a logical step for CONNECT IT to eliminate those risks and allow users to fully devote themselves to entertainment and work. These reasons led to a unique range of accessories FOR HEALTH, which has from the beginning, the only goal of protecting the health of users, enhance comfort and convenience when using computers and offer customers a comprehensive “ecosystem” of products for healthy sitting and working with a computer.

Vision and future

CONNECT IT prides itself with best price to performance ratio, where the price corresponds to the actual value of the product. Equally important is also the practicality, reliability and long service life. CONNECT IT products undergo thorough testing during the entire manufacturing process. Before they are offered to customers, they undergo final prerelease tests in Czech Republic and Germany.

Modern technologies are quickly developing and becoming bigger and inseparable part of our life. The demands on equipment are proportionately increasing and so are the users’ needs. CONNECT IT will continue to connect human with technology and find new ways to simpler and more effective solutions.

You can rely on CONNECT IT. Simply. Anywhere.